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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Information About Sahiwal

Sahiwal is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. It is the administrative centre of Sahiwal District and Sahiwal Division. Sahiwal is approximately 180 km from the major city Lahore and is the city between Lahore and Multan. The population is 207,388 (1998 Pakistan Census).
A small village on the Karachi-Lahore railway line during 1865 was named Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, then Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab. was made the capital of the Montgomery District. It was renamed Sahiwal in 1967 after the Sahi clan of Kharal Jatt who were the inhabitants of this area.
The city is in the densely populated region between the Sutlej and Ravi rivers. The principal crops are wheat, cotton, tobacco, legumes, potato and oilseeds. Cotton goods and lacquered woodwork are manufactured.

Climate Of Sahiwal

The climate of Sahiwal district is extreme, reaching 52 °C in summer, and down to -5 °C in winter. The soil of the district is very fertile. The average rainfall is about 2000 mm.

Broadcast Media

There are various radio and cable networks broadcasting in the city, such as Sun Rise FM 96 Sahiwal radio and cable networks like Voltas Cable Network, Galaxy Cable Network and Geo Cable network. The main companies providing dial-up internet facilities are BrainNet and CyberNet. World Call Wireless has also started its operation in Sahiwal. World Call provides wireless telephones at low call rates and a wireless internet facility which is much faster than the dial-up service providers in the city. Recently, Wateen Telecom has also opened its office in Sahiwal. Wateen offers landline telephone, cellular phone, HAQ television, high-speed internet and WiMax.

Educational Institutes

Sahiwal houses several educational institutes of quality. Government College Sahiwal is one of big institute in the city. It has 100 acres of land which includes the college building, a separate library building, a recreational building having swimming pool inside two hostels named Jinnah Hall and Iqbal Hall and vast green playgrounds. Government High School, Government High School Urban Area, Government Comprehensive High School, Government High School 86/6.R, Government High School 89/6.R and Government Pilot Higher Secondary School are the leading high schools of the city. Junior Model High School, Divisional Public School (DPS) and St. Mary's Convent School are also providing education. Educator School, Government College for Women, Sahiwal, also contains the Baha-u-Deen Zikria University (BZU) sub-campus. One of the oldest Institutes of Commerce is the Government College of Commerce, Sahiwal. Royal College of Commerce Sahiwal is a very fast growing Commerce College in Sahiwal and is ahead of many contemporary educational institutes of Sahiwal Divisioon.Royal College of Commerce is in the main area of the city of Sahiwal. St. Mary's Convent High School, is a well reputed English medium institution run by Italian nuns. Many among the elite of Sahiwal send their children to St. Mary's. A lot is being planned for the education sector in Sahiwal. BZU Multan is planning its separate sub-campus in Sahiwal, and land has been acquired for this purpose. It is hoped that the university will be complete in two years and will be called the 'University of Sahiwal'. The Virtual University of Pakistan has opened its regional as well as private campus in Sahiwal, and offers distant learning programmes. Regional Campus is situated at college chowk upper building of Bakers Inn. The private sector is playing a major role in primary education: renowned schools in this regard are Gehwara-i-Taleem High School Sahiwal. The Educators, The Beaconhouse School System, Bloom Field, The City School and Pre-Forces Cadet School. A new building of The City School is under construction in front of Comprehensive School Sahiwal. After completion it will be the largest private school campus in Sahiwal. Another new school established in 2007 is the Dare-Aqram Model School. The Educators College has separate campuses for boys and girls. The Commission on Science and Technology and Sustainable Development, in the South, i.e., COMSATS has opened its sixth campus at Sahiwal. It is a Public Sector University, Chartered by Federal Government providing quality education in the field of Management Sciences and Computer Sciences at both undergraduate and post graduate level. COMSATS has an edge over its competitor institutions and it has foreign qualified and experienced faculty at its Sahiwal campus.
There are two Government Colleges for Technical Education that offer three years DAE & B.Tech in various disciplines. There are many Private Technical Education Institutes that offer DAE & B.Tech. Allama Iqbal Polytechnic Institute is the first institute to offer DAE in Mechanical Technology (since 2003). Faridia Islamic University is also located at Sahiwal


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